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Genre is a idea that crosses disciplinary, national, methodological, conceptual, and pedagogical borders. The purpose of Genre across Borders (GXB) is to advance genre theory and research by helping scholars and students cross these borders. The site combines two primary functions:

  • As a reference guide to scholarship in the many fields of genre study
  • As a networking portal for scholars and teachers

GXB aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the multiple strands of genre scholarship and their relationships, in order to catalyze intellectual exchange and pedagogical innovation and to help us understand the processes and motivations of genre development, evolution, and circulation.

GXB now features translations of research introductions on our Research page. Contact us to contribute a translation. You may also select an interface display language on your Profile page.

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Sample Bibliography

[900] Parisi, L. (2006).  Generative Classifications. Theory, Culture, & Society. 23, 32–35.
[889] Myers, G. (1991).  Stories and Styles in Two Molecular Biology Review Articles. (Bazerman, C., & Paradis J., Ed.).Textual Dynamics of the Professions: Historical and Contemporary Studies of Writing in Professional Communities. 45–75.

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Friday November 13, 2020 (All day) to Sunday November 15, 2020 (All day)

Given the evident command of the celebrity in 20th- and 21st-century media cultures and following modern trends toward trans-medial and inter-generic production, this traditional session calls for papers that explore the relationships between celebrity and generic scandals. How have filmmakers,...

Glossary Sample

A genre that is not really defined - it is still in the works.  The origins may not be clear, or the definitions are not clear.  Thusly, fuzzy. Test.


User Spotlight

Name: Mary Jane Curry
Institution: University of Rochester
Department/Program Affiliation: Department of Teaching & Curriculum
Education: PhD
Status: Associate professor
Biography: Mary Jane Curry is associate professor at the Warner Graduate School of Education, University of Rochester, USA. She has co-authored or co-edited six books, most recently Global academic publishing: Policies, perspectives and pedagogies (2017) and Educating refugee-background students: Critical issues and dynamic contexts (in press). She has published articles in journals including TESOL Quarterly, English for Specific Purposes, AILA Review, and the Journal of English for Academic Purpose. She is co-associate editor of the Brief Research Reports section of TESOL Quarterly and co-editor of the Multilingual Matters book series, Studies in Knowledge Production and Participation.

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