CFP Encompassing the Multimodality of Knowledge

Dear all,

This is just a quick reminder that the submission deadline for the Encompassing the Multimodality of Knowledge conference is approaching.
You still have time until January 14.

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions! For your convenience, the CFP is pasted below: 





Aarhus, Denmark, May 8th –May 10th 2014


Dear Colleagues,


We are happy to announce that the 5th international conference in the 360o series will be held in Aarhus, Denmark May 8th –May 10th 2014. The conference features three key note addresses, i.e., Professor Theo van Leeuwen, Professor Carey Jewitt and Professor David Machin. Theo van Leeuwen will give a keynote address on ” Recontextualization, cognition and modality”.  Carey Jewitt will give a keynote address on ”Extending multimodality through Interdisciplinary Collaboration”. David Machin will give a keynote address on ”Exploring what is Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis”.


As the conference title suggests, we encourage participants to explore and engage the multimodality of knowledge from a wide variety of combined perspectives and disciplines from multimodality to visual anthropology, linguistics, discourse analysis, genre analysis, LSP research, etc. We are especially looking for contributions within the following three strands: 



Which settings, media, modes, channels and / or what practices enhance our use of multimodal configurations when communicating knowledge?

What interactional parameters influence the multimodal communication of knowledge?

Where do the challenges, paradoxes and dilemmas of multimodal knowledge communication lie?



What combination of modes is suited for representing specific types of knowledge?

What relations exist between methods for analysing knowledge and representing it multimodally?

What specific textual and generic features or certain technologies enhance multimodal representation?

Which cultural, conventional, habitual, or ritualistic elements can enhance multimodal representation?

What research tools are available for coding and representing the meaning-making interplay of several semiotic modes?



What are the distinctive affordances of multimodal phenomena (from singular multimodal texts to multimedia art installations and interactive social events) in constructing knowledge?

Does multimodality enhance or even ensure the construction of knowledge in the ‘other’?

Where may we locate the motivational triggers for constructing knowledge by means of complex multimodal resources – are they individual, social, discursive, purely cognitive or?



14 January: Abstract submission

14 February 2014: Notification of acceptance

14 April 2014: Registration for the conference


For more information please visit the conference web site:


On behalf of the organizing committee and the Research Group for Knowledge Communication


Carmen Daniela Maier

Saturday, January 11, 2014