Migration, genre

Genre migration is the reproduction of a genre established in one medium or community within another medium or community. It is usually unreflective or unpremeditated action and reflects the power of institutions to propagate established ways of doing things.


Yates, JoAnne, Wanda J. Orlikowski, and Kazuo Okamura. 1999. "Explicit and Implicit Structuring of Genres in Electronic Communication: Reinforcement and Change of Social Interaction." Organization Science 10 (1): 83–103.



The example studied by Yates et al. was the implementation of a new computer-conferencing system within a Japanese R&D project in which genres familiar from email communication were unreflectively imported into the new system.

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Also see Schoeneborn's study of how Microsoft's PowerPoint software has become used not only for the facilitation of live presentations as originally designed but also for project documentation (Schoeneborn, Dennis. 2013. "The Pervasive Power of Powerpoint: How a Genre of Professional Communication Permeates Organizational Communication." Organization Studies 34 (12): 1777–1801. doi: 10.1177/0170840613485843).


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