Advisory Board

  • Jack Andersen, Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark
  • Sune Auken, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Amy Devitt, University of Kansas, US
  • Kjell-Lars Berge, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Thomas Erickson, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, US
  • John Frow, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Janet Giltrow, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Barry Keith Grant, Brock University, Canada
  • Inger Lassen, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Désirée Motta-Roth, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
  • David Russell, Iowa State University, US
  • Clay Spinuzzi, University of Texas at Austin, US
  • John Swales, University of Michigan, US

Current Development Team

General Editors

Research Editors

  • Carolyn Miller, North Carolina State University, US
  • Dylan Dryer, University of Maine, US

Pedagogy Editors

  • George Lamont, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Dylan Dryer, University of Maine, US
  • Angela Rounsaville, University of Central Florida, US
  • Kirk St. Amant, Texas Tech University, US

Social Media Editors

Editor for North America

Editor for South America

Editor for Europe

Editor for Asia

Editor for the Pacific

Editor for Africa

Tag Editor/Curator

Volunteers and suggestions for any of the roles listed above are welcome! We especially seek editors from outside North America.

Other Credits

Thanks to the following people who provided advice and assistance at various stages in the design and development of this project:

  • Lee Ann Gillen and David Howard at NCSU’s DELTA for feasibility advice 
  • NC State graduate students and former students Christin Phelps for an evaluation of other academic networking sites; Anna Turnage and Dawn Shepherd for early content and technology planning; Nick Temple for the earliest version of the glossary; Kelly Martin for the initial banner design and other design advice; Matt Morain for wireframes and content planning; Kevin Brock for Drupal programming; Meagan Kittle Autry for project coordination and content planning; and Keon Pettiway for sub-theme creation.
  • Markus Wust, Darby Orcutt and Brian Norberg at the NCSU Libraries for curation advice
  • CHASS IT @ NCSU for server space
  • Spring 2008 and Spring 2010 classes at NC State on Emerging Genres, for brainstorming the concept and for early versions of some Research Intros and the Glossary; Spring 2012 and Spring 2014 classes at NC State and Fall 2013 class at the University of Louisvillle for contributions to the Bibliography and the Glossary
  • Many colleagues who filled out user survey questionnaires and encouraged our work at conferences during 2010 and 2011
  • Reify Media, for major Drupal overhaul and development, 2014–16

Creative Commons Licensing

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