The degree to which an audience recognizes the formal criteria of a genre; parody, satire, or subversion is one measure of this degree. When genre features are widely and easily recognized, or have salience, the genre can be "exploited by genre users with covert goals. . . . Genre salience is indicated by genre abusability" (Puschmann, 2009, p. 51).


Puschmann, C. (2009). Lies at Wal-Mart. In J. Giltrow & D. Stein (Eds.), Genres in the internet: Issues in the theory of genre. Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 49-84.


Puschmann's discussion centers on the corporate weblog that "systematically replicates the characteristics of typical personal blogs" in order to advance its agenda as seemingly spontaneously consumer-generated (2009, p. 51).

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Dylan Dryer

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