Additional Communication Channels in Dutch Television Genres

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TitleAdditional Communication Channels in Dutch Television Genres
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsVan Selm, Martine, and Allerd Peeters
JournalNew Media and Society

This study examined the way in which television genres in the
Netherlands make use of additional communication channels in
terms of interactivity and genre modification and whether the
availability of additional communication channels in genres
corresponds to audience age. Expert interviews were held with
representatives of Dutch broadcasting organizations and a
secondary analysis of Audience Research data was conducted. It
was found that compared to other genres, short message service
(SMS) is added most frequently to reality programmes, email and
websites to the information genre, teletext to sports programmes
and merchandizing to children’s programmes. In addition, it was
found that only SMS is added more often to programmes
attracting a younger audience.The extent to which the additional
communication channels represented real innovation varied from
maintenance to the elaboration and modification of genres.