Genre Theory and Research

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TitleGenre Theory and Research
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSchryer, Catherine F.
EditorBates, Marcia J., and Mary Niles Maack
Book TitleEncyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences
Number of Volumes7
PublisherNew York
Place PublishedTaylor & Francis
Keywordsliterature review

This entry provides overviews on current genre theory and research that investigates texts in their social
contexts. Specifically, the entry focuses on relevant theory in Rhetorical genre studies and Linguistics and
provides illustrations from applied studies in Professional Communication and Composition research.
Since much current research in genre theory utilizes social theories that deal with questions of structure
and agency, relevant theories in that area are reviewed as well. Finally, the entry notes some of the
pedagogical implications of genre research.