Women and Games: Technologies of the Gendered Self

TitleWomen and Games: Technologies of the Gendered Self
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsRoyse, Pam, Joon Lee, Baasanjav Undrahbuyan, Mark Hopson, and Mia Consalvo
JournalNew Media & Society
KeywordsFoucault, gender, genre, identity, video game, women

This study examines how individual differences in theconsumption of computer games intersect with gender and how
games and gender mutually constitute each other.The study
focused on adult women with particular attention to differences
in level of play, as well as genre preferences.Three levels of game
consumption were identified. For power gamers, technology and
gender are most highly integrated.These women enjoy multiple
pleasures from the gaming experience, including mastery of
game-based skills and competition. Moderate gamers play games
in order to cope with their real lives.These women reported
taking pleasure in controlling the gaming environment, or
alternately that games provide a needed distraction from
the pressures of their daily lives. Finally, the non-gamers who
participated in the study expressed strong criticisms about
game-playing and gaming culture. For these women, games are a waste of time, a limited commodity better spent on other