Rhetoric 330C, Designing Text Ecologies--Clay Spinuzzi

University of Texas at Austin, Department of English
Level of Instruction: 
Genre Analysis and Criticism
Genre Production
Brief Description of Course Content and Objectives for Students: 

How do people use texts to communicate and solve problems in organizations - and how can we help them improve? In this class, you'll learn how to answer that question. You'll design and conduct a field study of an organization, watching actual people communicate and solve actual problems. You'll analyze the results, generating a model of how they communicate and where their solutions do and don't work. Finally, you'll design a text that will help them fix their problems.

Project 1: Designing a study of an organization (20%) 
Project 2: Conducting the study of the site (25%) 
Project 3: Modeling the study results (25%) 
Project 4: Recommending a solution (20%) 
Project 5: Designing an intervention (10%)


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