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English 101: Composition (Genre As Social Action)--Alisa L. Russell

University of Kansas
Level of Instruction: 
Genre Analysis and Criticism
Genre Production
Brief Description of Course Content and Objectives for Students: 

Working with Prof. Amy Devitt at the University of Kansas, Alisa L. Russell teaches English 101 through genre as a lens through which to view composition. In the detailed course description, please find the generously specific course description. 

Writing is, quite simply, fundamental to a functioning society. No matter your major or career goals, writing will be part of your regular routine because writing is how we record, communicate, argue, inform, understand, and share ideas across time and space. Thankfully, writing shouldn’t be foreign to you; you encounter and generate writing everyday, such as news articles, websites, social media posts, text messages, blogs, and emails (to name a few).  


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