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Genre is a idea that crosses disciplinary, national, methodological, conceptual, and pedagogical borders. The purpose of Genre across Borders (GXB) is to advance genre theory and research by helping scholars and students cross these borders. The site combines two primary functions:

  • As a reference guide to scholarship in the many fields of genre study
  • As a networking portal for scholars and teachers

GXB aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the multiple strands of genre scholarship and their relationships, in order to catalyze intellectual exchange and pedagogical innovation and to help us understand the processes and motivations of genre development, evolution, and circulation.

GXB now features translations of research introductions on our Research page. Contact us to contribute a translation. You may also select an interface display language on your Profile page.

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Sample Bibliography

[1039] Zachry, M. (1999).  Constructing usable documentation: A study of communicative practices and the early uses of mainframe computing in industry. ACM SIGDOC 1999: Proceedings of the 17th Annual International Conference on Computer Documentation. 22-25.

Glossary Sample

A concept intended to problematize the assumption that any text classified as an instance of a particular genre is simply a faithful reproduction of that genre's conventions. Texts are rather, as Hyland (2002) says, "spread along a continuum of approximation to core genre examples with varying options and restrictions operating in particular cases" (p. 120). Therefore it is the potential in "...

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