Genre serves as an important concept in a range of instruction at several levels of education. Three major ways that genre enters instructional agendas serve to organize this section, though any course may involve more than one of these categories: 

  1. Genre Production Courses and Materials: Courses and course materials that develop or enhance students' mastery in producing instances of one or more genres (e.g., the memorandum, the lesson plan, the hompage, the case study, etc.);   
  2. Genre Analysis and Criticism: Courses and course materials that enable students to critique, compare, historicize, or assess one or more genres (e.g., novels, multimedia features, speeches, television shows, etc.);   
  3. Genre Theory: Courses andcourse materials that familiarize students with the concept of genre itself and that, typically, prepare students to apply theoretical models of genre to research or scholarly practice. 

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